I. James Bertolina

From the abandoned subterranean gold mines of Charlotte to the peaks of its highest towers… …

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The case had stunned the city of Charlotte, North Carolina: the body of environmental engineer Palmer Giron was found hanging from a bungee cord in a public park. Then, nothing. No leads and no developments.

Enter elite private investigator Dom Mundy, who takes on the cold case with no idea of the twists and turns the trail will take.

In addition to his usual team—including a former Yakuza named Deuce, a French cat burglar called Franco, and Hector, an ex-gunrunner from Cuba—Dom enlists the help of Angie Crete, a Coast Guard investigator who began a downward spiral when she lost two team members on a failed operation. Not only does Dom think Angie can help him solve the case, but he hopes he can help her decide to put away the vodka and self-loathing in the process.

If you enjoy authors like Elmore Leonard, Robert B. Parker, George V. Higgins, and Joe Lansdale, you’ll love The Skyscraper Killers!

Also by I. James Bertolina

Bullets, bombs, and banknotes: The Diplomatic Security Service is anything but another day at the office.

Just back from a deep cover assignment and looking forward to a vacation, DSS special agent Payton Ladd gets an urgent request to lead a manhunt in Baghdad. Civilian auditor Ben Ater, nephew of a powerful senator, has disappeared, and the Resident Security Officer needs Payton to find him.

The fact that the RSO is Payton’s old flame Catherine McCabe makes it hard for him to say no.

Once in Baghdad, Payton retraces Ben’s steps and talks to everyone who knows or claims to know why the young auditor mysteriously left the Green Zone. But the explanation that Ben was dealing drugs still doesn’t explain why he went missing in the Red Zone, a place he had no business—legal or illegal—being.

With the help of embassy guard Marines, a team of special operators, DSS bomb specialists, Bedouin tribesmen, and a homemade drone, Payton uncovers a web of conspiracy that could topple nations.

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I. James Bertolina lives in the southeastern United States. When not working in commercial real estate, he does his best to write entertaining, fast-paced fiction.

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